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Koto ryu
"tiger knockdown" koppojutsu "bone structure art"

Emphasis on using the opponent's bone structure and skeleton to defeat him. Strikes are generally targeted to areas which disrupt spinal alignment and locks are applied in the same fashion. This system consists of mostly striking and some joint locking, but has no full body throws. Movement tends to be linear, and 45-degree angles are a trademark of this system.

Gyokko ryu
"jeweled (or pearl) tiger" koshijutsu "bone finger art"

Emphasis on striking weak or soft and vital areas of the body with the fingers and toes. As in koto ryu, the system consists mainly of strikes and joint locks, but lacks any real throws. Most of the techniques comprising the "kihon happo" are found in this system. Its movement tends to be circular and small, and techniques often flank the opponent.

Takagi Yoshin ryu
"high tree raised spirit" jutaijutsu "soft art"

Jutaijutsu uses an opponent's force against him. No resistance is offered, but rather the opponent's direction of movement is enhanced and used to defeat him. Jutaijutsu was frequently used by police and in more civil settings than other, more battlefield oriented arts.

Shinden Fudo ryu
"divine transmission of immovability" dakentaijutsu "hard weapon body art"

Dakentaijutsu has throws, strikes, locks, and kicks done in a fairly straightforward manner. It uses the body as a striking weapon and often seems "hard" in application. The shinden fudo ryu was known for its use of nature as an ally, and techniques are often very casual looking.

Kukishinden ryu
"nine demons' divine transmission" happo hikenjutsu "eight secret weapons arts"

This is a battlefield art. The weapons can be quite large, including spear and halberd. Techniques are done assuming the combatants are wearing armor, and the movements reflect this. This system may have been used as a naval art, and consequently the movements are designed to be used on a ship that is slippery and rocking.

Gikan ryu
"clear truth and justice" koppojutsu

This ryu is scarcely seen by members of the Bujinkan, but its techniques tend to be very direct and hard.

Togakure ryu
"hidden door" ninjutsu "concealing arts", "stealth arts" or "patient arts"

The emphasis is on escape and spying. Ninjutsu involves the use of little gadgets, espionage, concealment, sabotage, breaking in and escaping, etc. Togakure ryu uses a lot of techniques that incapacitate, often brutally. Very deceptive.

Kumogakure ryu
"hidden cloud" ninjutsu

Another scarcely seen ryu. Probably very little of this ryu has survived to the present day.

Gyokushin ryu
"pearl heart" ninjutsu

Another scarcely seen ryu. Probably very little of this ryu has survived to the present day.

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