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Shinobu Seattle Budokan


Sensei Philip Gigler
Sensei Philip Gigler dojo cho of the Seattle Budokan

Sensei Philip Gigler began studying and training in the martial arts in 1995, initially training in Shotokan Karate, Aikido/Aiki-Jiujutsu, and Ninjutsu. He became dedicated to the Bujinkan Dojo upon meeting and beginning to training with Sensei Matt Keiser in 1998, and was given the title of Dojo Cho and the honor of running the Seattle Budokan in 2000.

Philip shares the Bujinkan philosophy that students should be encouraged to think and adapt the art to fit themselves, not distort themselves to fit the art. A quote from Sensei Masaaki Hatsumi says, "only human beings seem to develop the need to be trained in natural body motion." By moving past the mentality that one system or style is the most effective we remove the limitations that other systems look to create, and encourage students to use what works for them.

Philip's dojo motto is "Keep It Simple". The techniques and variations (henke) reflect this mentality by not over complicating things for the sake of showmanship. Simple body movement (taijutsu) allows for quick and effective results.

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